Welcome to FRC Team Hammond 71

Welcome to FRC Team Hammond 71

Welcome to FRC Team Hammond 71Welcome to FRC Team Hammond 71


The 2020 FRC game animation


We Are Team Hammond

We are a high school FRC Team

FRC stands for FIRST (FOR INSPIRATION and RECOGNITION of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY) ROBOTICS COMPETITION. Team Hammond has been a FRC Team since 1996. Our student members are from the 4 School City of Hammond High Schools. 

Team Hammond students learn more than just building robots

Team Hammond's goal is to inspire our students to pursue Science and Technology after high school. They learn technical skills  while working with Team Hammond Mentors.  Their self-confidence and communication skills improve as they attend demos and competitions. These life skills go into making our students more prepared to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

FRC is one of several FIRST programs

FIRST was founded by Dean Kamen. He wanted to develop programs that would encourage students to follow careers in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) fields. 

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